Life as of Late

eric and ashley TTF Snap from my pre-birthday dinner, last week.

Well, when it rains it pours, and when it does, life is hard. Here’s a rundown of the past few days:
Friday – Eric was off work so we had a nice day out, and I have a surprise for you guys soon!

Saturday – Three big things: Eric’s childhood friend got married, we picked up Baby Boy for Easter, AND it was our first year anniversary. We finally got to celebrate together around 10pm, with some nachos and alcohol on the river.

Baby Boy Easter eggs TTFBaby Boy opening early Easter eggs at the wedding

family morning TTFOur anniversary shot, with Todd being a weirdo..

Sunday – Easter. Made Easter baskets for the kids, hid eggs, ate candy, spent the morning at Eric’s mom’s. Had lunch at my mom’s, stuffed my face, then had to return Baby Boy. Eric felt awful the entire day… we barely made it home.

Easter coconut cake TTFMy ma got crafty and made an Easter cake

Monday – Eric woke up sick as hell. Threw up for a good 12 hours straight, with no rest for either of us, until 8pm when I convinced him to go to the doctor. Shot to the ass. Then I came home to this…

Todd dog shaming TTFWhat a way to end the day…. asshole.

Tuesday – MY BIRTHDAY! Except I did absolutely nothing besides disinfect our entire house, because thankfully, Eric was feeling better. Around 9pm, he convinced me to let him take me out to dinner, and eat the BEST pizza I’ve ever put in my mouth.

pizzaBrick oven pizza, vodka cream sauce, roasted red peppers, mushrooms, spinach.
The actual BEST pizza I’ve ever had. More please.

Today, Wednesday7am: Woke up. 7:30am: left the house to take Eric to work and have a day out with my best friend, until the evening, when I could finally celebrate my birthday. 8am: Eric’s throwing up out the car window. We headed back home. 8:30am: I drug his ass to the hospital and there we sat until almost 1pm. There were IVs, morphine, and finally some sleep for him. Can someone explain to me why men are the BIGGEST babies ever, when they’re sick? Fianlly, we came home and both fell asleep (me on the couch). And when I woke up, I started disinfecting… again. No picture for today because all I want to do is bang my head against a wall until I can sleep. And maybe have a glass of rum.


Moral of the story? Eric’s body is against my birthday… and my love for cupcakes. Here’s hoping tomorrow is a better day and he FINALLY gets over this bug. I just want my man to feel good. Please send good vibes our way.

And feel free to send me a birthday cupcake and/or a song.

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17 Responses to “Life as of Late”

  1. gabby

    oh no! i’m so sorry eric got super sick on your birthday. i think you should have a do-over! that pizza does look so delicious though. i’d love to see the rest of your sequin top — it looks amazing! the pic of todd totally made me laugh. i’m sure you couldn’t stay mad at that face for too long :)


    • Ashley

      We’re BOTH recovering now, but this week/weekend has been rough. Still haven’t celebrated my birthday, but we’ll see what this week brings. Fingers crossed. The sequins are actually a whole dress! Check out my Closet Confidential Tag video, to see it! OR my New Years post. :)

  2. Linda

    Haaaaaaappy birthday to yoooouuuu, haaaappy birthday to yoooooouuu!
    Haha, it sounds like a terrible day though, for which I’m sorry, but hey, that pizza does sound pretty amazing.
    Hope Eric gets better soon!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

    • Ashley

      Thanks for the song!! :D We STILL haven’t celebrated yet, due to Eric getting worse and me getting sick. Fingers crossed today is the start to a new/better/not-sick week. Thanks for the well wishes :)

  3. Peet

    Happy b-day and three days, babe!! It sounds like you had a ball.:D You’re lucky you didn’t get sick too, which is pretty unbelievable actually. And also happy anniversary – you have a lot of celebration packed in one week, Easter too.:) But you can’t be mad at Todd, he was just bored. And how can you be mad at something with such cute eyes??:) But wait – vodka cream sauce? On a pizza? Can life get any better?!?!

    I hope the man’s feeling better by now … And I hope you got your glass of rum, you deserve it!

    • Peet

      And I forgot to add – you totally look like you’ve lost weight! Apparently calorie counting does help. I’m too lazy for that unfortunately, but I’ll have to do something asap because I’m getting bigger by the minute.:)

    • Ashley

      Still haven’t had a birthday, but I did have a cupcake and some rum last week! Eric got sicker, unfortunately, and I DID get sick Saturday but I’m feeling better now. I’m on a disinfecting rampage today so the germs better stay gone this time. We did have soooo much celebrating, maybe we were so exhausted our bodies shut down…? And yes, Todd is too cute, and the pizza was heaven. At least there was those things :)

  4. Olivia

    Aw I’m sorry to hear about your birthday- I hope Eric feels better! But congrats on your anniversary:) Have a nice weekend:)
    Xo Olivia

    • Ashley

      He does FINALLY, but things got worse before they got better. I’ll tell my ma you think her cake is cute! ;) She was so proud of herself.


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