Thrift Day

steve madden aviator sunglasses, thrifted forever 21 jersey dress, vintage metal mesh purse, grey leggings, high black socks, shoedazzle leila stone ankle boots

Are you tired of “What I wear thrifting” looks? (Check out the first two!) I swear there’s a reason behind them! Firstly, I’m trying to promote how important it is to weave shopping secondhand into your routine. Secondly, if you do decide to go thrifting, what you wear while you do it, is important! A lot of times there isn’t a dressing room, so what happens when you don’t have a room to get naked in? You thank god you wore layers. This dress is my favorite thing to thrift in. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to slip things under and over, while still getting a good idea of how it’ll fit without the extra fabric.


Maxi Festivities

silk crop top, forever 21 arrowhead necklace, forever 21 beaded cuff, jersey maxi skirt, steve madden studded sandals,

Confession: I’ve never worn a maxi skirt before. I’ve always lusted over them, and all the boho/rocker looks people create with them, but at 5 feet (no inches), they’re always wayyyy too long on me. But then the skies opened up, and while thrifting, I found the maxi of my dreams. This skirt is the comfiest, black, jersey. It just barely touches the ground and I might actually end up living in it. Especially with the weather getting to the 70s lately! Do you see that I’m in sandals?!


How I Do Pinup

black bandana, thrifted graphic tee, thrifted square bangle, thrifted pencil skirt, just fab kerry wedges in black

This is not the first, not the second or third, but the fourth time you’ve seen this shirt here on TTF. Tired of it yet? I don’t know if I ever will be! What can I say? I’m a sucker for vaguely inappropriate tees. You’ll notice her nose bleed…



cincinnati reds jersey, crocheted beanie, black tee, legwear loft cosmipolitan cracked faux leather leggings, grey high socks, red leather ankle bootsIf you live in the greater Cincinnati area, today, it doesn’t matter if you like baseball or not. The time has come. The streets will be filled, everyone will have some kind of alcohol in hand, and you will not be able to escape downtown for literally hours. That’s right! It’s Opening Day at the Reds stadium and when baseball season starts in Cincinnati, we party. And we party hard.


Seasonless Spring

claires crocheted beanie, fur vest, forever 21 plaid button up, suit vest, wet seal basic tee, boyfriend jeans, So via Kohl's studded flats

Yeah.. see that white stuff on the ground? Just when everybody thought it was finally going to start feeling like Spring… BAM! Snow. I swear Mother Nature’s on her period and we’re feeling the PMS wrath from hell. Just let it be warm, woman! I mean, I’m all for layers but light layers would be nice. Instead, I’ve got a faux fur on. In Spring. Oh well… it’s all about transition pieces, right? I’d actually be fine with this vest in the Spring, with a soft tee shirt and a fedora, jeans, and boots. But with the flannel and suit vest, I feel like I’m still in the Fall!


Not So Black and White

black and white striped just ginger dress, round heart print sunglasses, denim jacket, red ankle boots,

I know. You don’t even have to say it. Unless you follow me on Instagram, you might have assumed I was dead. Fear not! I am alive, and aside from all the same health stuff, I’m well. The truth is, I’ve been avoiding this blog and really, the internet in general. I started feeling like I was lost in the blogosphere. TTF started feeling like work (that I was dreading), other than my safe place or my home, like it had in the beginning. It started to become difficult for me to come up with interesting outfits, something that has always been my passion, and further than that, all I wanted was jeans and a sweatshirt. Maybe it’s my health. Maybe it’s how many blogs I feel like I HAVE to read every. single. day. With no time for what I want to do at the end of it (i.e. watch YouTube videos and endlessly scroll through Pinterest), but I got burnt out.


What I Didn’t Buy at… the mall!

mango black and white cheetah sweater

Remember the post I did a few weeks ago about What I Didn’t Buy at the antique mall? Well, this is similar, but not exactly the same. At the antique mall, we didn’t buy things because the prices are crazy, here I didn’t buy anything because I made this RIDICULOUS promise to myself, and to you guys, that I was only buying secondhand this year! GAH! No one told me how hard it would be! Especially after I saw the faux alligator clutch, you’ll see in this post. (Must convince someone to get me a gift…) You’ll notice that almost everything I wanted at the mall was black/white/both. Foreshadowing for my spring wardrobe? I’m warning you now, this will probably be a running series here on TTF, this year. So many things I want in stores, but so much secondhand love. 


Currently Reading

vintage plaid flannel, basic tank, ripped jeans

Happy to see me? I’m damn glad to be back. For a second, I thought I might never be back on TTF. Let me just fill you in, with what’s been going on.