How long has it been now? A month? Jesus…. where does the time go? SO many things are different now.


Dressing Up, Looking Up

red pleated dress with leather details, wet seal fedora, forever 21 beaded cuff, apt 9 kohls midcalf boots,

Today is a good day and you don’t know how good it feels to say that. You might’ve noticed that I’ve been absent for the past couple of weeks, and that’s because (in short) life has been really, really hard lately. I don’t know if it’s because we have bad luck or because Mercury is doing it’s thing, but our little family were shown first hand that when it rains… it pours.


Rainy Day Glam

zebra print umbrella, striped tee, forever 21 high waisted shorts, steve madden thigh high boots,

There’s finally been a brief break in the nasty, rainy, weather we’re having, but I can’t get too comfy… We’re on the verge of another set of storms. I can’t relay to you how sick I am of the rain. It’s so gloomy, dark, and has even made the end of May feel like winter. I had all my winter things packed away already! Mother Nature, you witch.


Cropped Americana

diy set your goals band tee, tj maxx mimi chica jersey skater skirt, thrifted red leather ankle boots, forever 21 arrowhead necklace, h&m gemstone ring, skull ring

Much like maxis, for a long time I’ve sworn off crop tops. In my eyes, I’m in no way thin enough or… curve-less…?…enough for the extra-short, cropped length. But lately, I’ve been inspired, and not by anyone other than myself. I’ve always preached body positivity. I’ve always been able to tell someone, “Love yourself. Every inch and imperfection of yourself.” I’m bad for not listening to my own adivce, though. That changes now. No longer will I worry about my body, but embrace it, and I’m starting with this crop top trend.


A Casual Wedding Guest

target mirrored sunglasses, old navy chambray shirt, forever 21 arrowhead necklace, thrifted white tee, thrifted printed silk skirt, footless leggings, shoedazzle beau and ashe flats

Remember a couple posts ago when I mentioned us having a wedding to go to on our anniversary, last month? Well, here’s what I wore, and I’m sure you can guess from the title and from my outfit, that it was an extremely casual wedding. Backyard venue, home-cooked food, kids… the works. So I opted for a fun, silky skirt, a white tee, and some denim. Light layers made of lightweight fabrics. Nothing better to wear on a sunny day, chasing around Baby Boy, at a wedding.


More Maxi, Please

wet seal straw fedora, tribal statement necklace, chicos white tee, h&m braided belt, gap maxi skirt, target xhiliration leopard wedges

If it wasn’t official before, it sure is now; I’m in love with my maxi skirt. I can’t stop dreaming up new outfits for this baby, and I’m definitely on the hunt for more. I want a double-layer, sheer one and bright, colorful one, for starters. I might even venture into maxi dresses soon, guys. What is my life lately?! I always swore off full lengths on me, because I’m only 5 feet tall, but I’m sure there’s more out there for short girls. And I will find them… For Science!


Thrift Day

steve madden aviator sunglasses, thrifted forever 21 jersey dress, vintage metal mesh purse, grey leggings, high black socks, shoedazzle leila stone ankle boots

Are you tired of “What I wear thrifting” looks? (Check out the first two!) I swear there’s a reason behind them! Firstly, I’m trying to promote how important it is to weave shopping secondhand into your routine. Secondly, if you do decide to go thrifting, what you wear while you do it, is important! A lot of times there isn’t a dressing room, so what happens when you don’t have a room to get naked in? You thank god you wore layers. This dress is my favorite thing to thrift in. It’s comfortable, lightweight, and easy to slip things under and over, while still getting a good idea of how it’ll fit without the extra fabric.